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Spalding Primary School

Learning Together, Succeeding Together

ACORN 3 - 9th October 2020

We are delighted with how the children have settled back into school life.  They are all being extremely careful with their hand washing and are following the new rules – we are very proud of them all.  We are also delighted with our attendance figure for the whole school which currently stands at 97.65% At the bottom of this newsletter, you will see a breakdown of the attendance figures for each individual class.  Almost 70% of the school currently has 100% attendance - well done to all children (and parents/carers of course!) keep up the good work.


Contact Information

At this time of year, we usually send you a copy of the emergency and other information we hold on our database for your child, and ask you to check that everything is correct.  At the moment, we are unable to send this to you, but we would ask that you keep us up to date with changes to telephone numbers, email addresses, house addresses, medical requirements and any other information that may be relevant for your child.  If you have any changes to make, please call into the office.  It is absolutely essential that we hold your correct information so we can make sure we are able to contact you in the case of an emergency. Thank you.


PE Clothing

Can we please remind you that on the days your child’s class has PE, they should come dressed in their PE kit.  Unfortunately, we have several children who are wearing character T-shirts, and colours other than our House colours. Uniform rules still apply on PE days and your child should wear a plain T-shirt which is the colour of their House team.  If they do not have the correct colour, then they should wear a plain white T-shirt. As the weather is getting cooler, please make sure your child has suitable PE clothing for outdoor wear. Thank you.



The Farm Kitchen

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced a few problems with some parents/carers who have not ordered a meal for their child.  The Farm Kitchen are currently operating a system whereby they release their menus for two weeks at a time.  Prior to lockdown, they released their menus for a whole term at a time. This is confusing many parents/carers, who think they have ordered meals for the whole term when in fact they have only ordered for two weeks.   Unfortunately, we are unable to provide meals for those children who have not ordered and so it has been necessary for us to contact parents/carers and ask them to bring in a meal for their child.  Can we please ask you to check your ordering of meals carefully and visit The Farm Kitchen’s site more often than you would normally do so in order to keep on top of the orders for your child.  Don’t forget that the ordering deadline is 3.00pm on the preceding Tuesday for the following week.


Harvest Festival donations

Thank you very much to everyone who has donated.  The boxes outside the office will still be available for a few days at the beginning of next week.  All donations will be sent to the Agape Foodbank which provide a vital service to the people of our town. 


Safe Parking

Can we please remind you to be safe and considerate to our neighbours and other road users when you are parking around the school area. Please do not block neighbouring driveways. Please do not park on the pavements. Please do not park on the zig-zags. Woolram Wygate is a very busy road and each person needs to behave responsibly and set a good example to their children and other road users.


Please also make sure you do not block the area near to the crossing patrol as this creates a problem for children and adults wishing to cross the road.  Thank you.



Reading Books

Can we please remind you to have a search at home to see if you still have any school reading books from last year.  We have a large number which have not been returned. Thank you. 


Flu Vaccinations

If you have not already registered your child for the flu vaccination, please do this as soon as possible.  If you need a further copy of the letter please contact the school office. The vaccinations will take place within school on 3rd December.


Year 6 children – Transfer to Secondary School – September 2021

Please don’t forget to apply for a secondary school place for your Year 6 child.  An application has to be made for ALL year 6 children by the closing date of 31st October. The letter sent to you in September sets out all the information you need to apply for a place. If you need a further copy of the letter, please contact the school office.


Is your child eligible for Pupil Premium Funding? This funding is available for children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits.  It entitles your child to free meals during KS2, free milk, 50% discount on school trips (including residential trips), discounted music tuition, additional teaching support, and help with purchasing uniform and equipment.  If you think your child might be eligible, or if you would like further information, please call into the school office in confidence.


Tests - Advance Notice – The SATs tests will take place as follows :-          

Year 2 Puzzle Books - w/c 3rd May 2021

Year 6 SATs– w/c 10th May 2021

It is absolutely essential that all children are in school for these important tests.  Please do not arrange routine medical appointments for these weeks.  Thank you.


Wygate Foundation Nursery School 

Currently have spaces available in their Playgroup.  Children must be 2 years of age.  If you would like further information please contact Mrs Rainsley on 07590 034490