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Spalding Primary School

Learning Together, Succeeding Together

COVID Catch Up Funding


Catch up statement Spalding Primary School

Summary Information


Spalding Primary School


Academic Year

2020 /2021

Total Catch up budget




Total Number of Pupils


Date for internal review of this strategy

Feb 2021


Barriers to future attainment


In- School barriers


Children who have many gaps require extra input in small groups during the school day


KS1 children need teaching how to use I pads to enable access to home learning and navigate their way around Seesaw


Time for Y 6 children to be able to discuss their writing with their teacher


Year 1 children need extra support as they had so little time in EYFS


External barriers


Some families do not have access to internet or devices


Children not reading books at home with parents




Desired outcomes

Success criteria


Higher rates of progress in KS2

Children who were found to have gaps in their learning make as much progress as the rest of their peers


All children are able to access an I pad easily and Seesaw

Children can be seen to use I pads confidently in school


Children read e books at home

Reading achievement levels raised so the majority of children reach EXP in July 2021


All Year 1 children can access their curriculum

Monitoring – Year 1 outcomes in July are as predicted




Planned expenditure

Desired outcomes

Chosen action/approach

What is the evidence for this choice

How we will ensure it is implemented well

Staff lead


Review date

Gaps closed

Teaching in small groups

Achievement raised

Observed progress amongst participating children Monitoring of teaching and test results



Dec 20

All ch. confident in use of I Pads and Seesaw

More use of I pads in school

Some ch. have missed valuable IT skills in lockdown

Teachers planning



Feb 21

Writing achievement rises


Writing achieved

Monitoring of writing



Dec 20

To enable access to all families to technology in case of illness or lockdown

Samsung Tablet library

Internet access (dongle)

All children cannot access home learning (see questionnaire results)

The tablet library will be overseen by the AHTs Forms signed



Feb 21

To enable access to all

Families to e books for reading at home

Purchase of Big Cat Phonics on line

Research shows that more exposure to phonics ensures the children retain knowledge




Feb 21

Year 1 children will catch up the skills they missed in Rec due to lockdown

More adult help in Year 1

Some Year 1 ch. have missed valuable EYFS skills whilst in lockdown



£6000 from catch up funding/remainder from school budget

Feb 21

All children will catch up missed skills

CGP catch up bundle for every child in the school


Extra copy ordered for each teacher so they can reference activities to be done as homework

Achievement raised. More engagement of parents in remote learning and homework can reference these books for practice or skills


Class teachers


Feb 21