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Learning Together, Succeeding Together

Year Three - Topaz & Ruby

Where will your imagination take you? Term 3 and 4


One of the main texts we will be looking at this term will be Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We will be using this story not only in our English learning but will also be using it as a stimulus to discover where chocolate originates from and how it is made. The children will learn about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation who first created the spicy hot chocolate drink using cocoa beans.


The focus of the term for our creative curriculum will be to learn about the journey of chocolate from the cocoa beans grown in the rainforests to chocolate in the factories and finally onto the shop floors where they are advertised and sold. The chocolate-themed topic this term will allow the children to be creative in their art and design. We will be taking inspiration from illustrator Quentin Blake who illustrated the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl and we will be trying to replicate his style using pencil and watercolour techniques. In history and geography children will explore the Mexican Rainforests where the Ancient Mayan Civilisation came from and learn about their way of life. In computing the children will be following the programme ‘We are Presenters’ where they will learn how to communicate their ideas and use the program Powerpoint to help them with presenting their ideas. This term the children will continue to be taught PE by the Elite sports team as well as their class teacher. The focus this term is on high energy activities such as skipping. The children will also be looking at how to be a global citizen, looking at issues such as fair trade and transportation, linking with our chocolate theme.



In term 3 and term 4, children will be immersing themselves into the wonderful world of the Roald Dahl story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ We will be reading chapters from the story and incorporating it into our own writing, exploring the rich vocabulary and structure of the story, leading us to write our own fantasy story. Children will be using their V (vocabulary), C (connectives), O (openers) and P (punctuation) knowledge to write more detailed and interesting pieces of work. Later in the term, children will be looking at poets such as Spike Milligan who wrote the famous ‘Ning Nang Nong’ poem. We will be taking inspiration from his work to be able to write our own ‘nonsense poem’ thinking about how we can include interesting openers, exciting adjectives and verbs, as well as the odd nonsense word! English homework will be sent home each week on a Friday and will relate to the learning that week.



The children will continue to use their place value skills to learn formal methods of addition and subtraction. They will then use their knowledge of this to be able to solve missing number problems and problems set in a context. They will practise telling the time to the nearest minute. They will also continue to practise spelling numbers up to one thousand in words and counting in groups of 4 and 8. They will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of multiplication and number bonds, using these to solve more complex calculations. In term 4, the children will be measuring and comparing length, mass, volume and capacity. They will also learn to count in tenths. Children will be taught mental methods to enable them to add and subtract quickly.



This term the children will be investigating forces. The children will experiment with magnets and investigate materials that are magnetic. In term 4 they will be investigating light, dark and shadows. They will study different light sources and how these create shadows.



This term we are looking at Hinduism and how this religion has its similarities and differences to other religions and cultures. Children will also learn all about Hindu life and the everyday religious practices of Hindus.

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