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Student Council

Welcome to our Spalding Primary School Student Council

At Spalding Primary School, children are the heart of our school and everything we do! We strive for excellence in all we do and what better way to do this than by starting a school council, where the views and opinions of the children can be voiced and listened to. The Spalding Primary School Student Council is an exciting opportunity for pupils to share their views and the views of others to help make our school an even better place to be!


The School Council makes a real difference! Last year, the School Council worked closely with other local schools and had a ‘conference’ to collect and share with each other ideas that we could implement in our own school. Themes include, how to help the wider community, exciting inclusive topics in school and how to help the environment.


This year the school council includes children from both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The children will attend regular meetings and help with many areas of school life including policy making, fundraising and giving opinions. We look forward to an exciting year!




The children are elected into their role as class representatives by their class through a vote. The children present why they wish to be school councillors and then two are elected from each class.



This year the children will be focusing and deciding on their own targets. For the first meeting they decided on roles for the groups. In the second meeting the children bought ideas from other children in the school to be discussed, which was narrowed down to form the focus of our next few meetings. The children decided that it was important for them to take part in fundraising for Children In Need, promoting friendly behaviour on the playground, looking at ways for children to challenge themselves in their learning and looking at rewards. The children will also be continuing to work on Rights of the Child and will also work alongside staff to design and create inspiring displays in class and round the school based on the UN Convention of Children’s Rights. These rights describe what a child needs to survive, grow, and live up to their potential in