Spalding Primary Academy

Learning Together, Succeeding Together

Who's Who

Executive Headteacher: 

Mr Raistrick 

Co-Heads of School: 

Miss Beresford & Mrs Thompson


Year 6

Miss Smith 

Mrs Strutt 


Year 5

Miss Cook 

Miss Thornton 


Year 4

Mr Jordan

Miss Candler


Year 3

Miss Pascoe

Miss Taylor 


Year 2

Mrs Croft 

Mrs Barnes


Year 1

Miss Waters

Miss Watson



Mrs Brandon

Mrs Sheppard


PPA Cover

Ms Searle



                                                                     Mrs Morgan                                                                                                                                                             

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Adcock

Miss Appleby

Miss Bell
Mrs Bell

Mrs Benkec

Miss Bradbury

Mrs Bradbury

Mrs Butcher

Mr Flood

Miss Gilliatt

Mr Hill 
Mrs Ireland

Mrs Mardle

Mrs Mason

Mrs Morrison

Miss Nowaczyk

Miss Powis

Miss Reilly

Mrs Resmerita
Mrs Watson

Miss Withers


Nursery & Kids Club

Mrs Banas

Mrs Brooks

Mrs Daly

Miss Hunt

Mrs Godfrey (Manager)

Miss Martin

Mrs Mason (Deputy Manager & SENDCo)

Mrs Slater


                Administration and Support:                       

Mr Cooling (School Business Manager)
Mrs Want (Bursar)

Mrs Mountain (Administrator)

Mr McCallum (Site Manager)

Mrs Atkinson (Cleaner)

Mrs Fairman (Cleaner)

Mr Stevens (Cleaner)

Mrs Wenham (Cleaner)


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Atkinson

Mrs Brown

Mrs Cooksley

Mrs Elliott

Mrs Fairman

Mrs Khela

Mrs Martin-Moore

Miss Montvidaite
Mrs Smalley

Mrs Willson

Mrs Wood